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APEnet at Europeana Hierarchical objects meeting

On the 16th of September Go Sugimoto and Wim van Dongen attended the Europeana Hierarchical objects and metadata meeting in the Royal Library in The Hague.

The Europeana team organised this meeting to brainstorm with representatives of the different domains on how to display hierarchical objects and their metadata in a more satisfactory fashion in the next releases of the Europeana portal.

As APEnet's WP3 leader (WP3 = APEnet - Europeana interoperability), Wim gave a presentation on behalf of the archives community. He stressed the importance of proper display of hierarchical objects and their metadata when providing access to archival material, gave an overview of APEnet's efforts dealing with this when ingesting digital archival objects and metadata in the Europeana prototype and Rhine release, and he shared his ideas on how to improve this in future Europeana releases, based on the new Europeana Data Model (EDM).

The presentation is available here.