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Outcomes & Deliverables

The expected results of the APEnet project are:

- A fully working Archives Portal Europe

The APEnet project will develop an online gateway to archival material in Europe, which can also be accessed through Europeana. This gateway will provide access to:

  • information about archival repositories, both private and public
  • multilevel descriptions of documents and archives
  • digitised objects kept by these institutions.

Each category must have a minimum set of information consisting of: name of creator, dates of existence, localities, functions, biography or administrative history, reference code in national or institutional database (or similar information), title of fond (records group, collection), dates of cuments/records, and scope and content. Users will also be able to link each fond to catalogues, inventories and other sources with more detailed information.

- A set of converting engines and plug-ins for participating institutions

Based on an analysis of existing standards and applications in use by the participating partners, the APEnet project will develop and test a number of auxiliary computer programs (converters and plug-ins) to facilitate data exchange and provide on demand access from the gateway to information mentioned above.
Since the digital objects and archival descriptions are kept by their home institutions and not centrally stored in Archives Portal Europe itself, regulations for their access will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the national or institutional portal that provides them.

- Support and encourage cultural heritage institutions keeping archives to participate in Europeana.

By compiling existing digital content of the participating partners and establishing the technical and organisational conditions for new content providers to join the network, the APEnet project will also prepare the way for the possible future participation of other European archival cultural heritage institutions in Europeana.
The APEnet project will encourage new institutions to participate by providing a number of dissemination activities like on-site presentations, demonstrations and seminars, conferences and workshops, publication of research papers in scientific conferences and journals and a website with live demonstration.


The most important deliverables as produced during the APEnet project's lifetime are:

- Work package 6 - Project management:


- Work package 5 - Dissemination and awareness:




- Work package 4 - Development of the content framework for the gateway:




- Work package 3 - Interoperability between the gateway and Europeana:



- Work package 2 - Definition of the physical model of the gateway:


APEnet_Report_D2.2_WP2_Pilot_of the_Gateway.pdf

- Work package 1 - Definition of the logical model of the gateway:




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