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Workpackage 5

Dissemination and awareness

Workpackage leader: Riksarkivet - Stockholm - Sweden


  • To perform timely dissemination of project results,
  • To successfully disseminate knowledge of the results of APEnet project to the widest possible audience; the general aim of dissemination activities are to promote project progress and outcomes so that they can find their way into mainstream practic,
  • To open up channels for dissemination and exchanging technical information and results,
  • To produce publicity materials and to generate awareness of the potential and outputs from the APEnet project,
  • To actively participate in conferences, workshops and courses related to digital libraries, archives and museums,
  • To actively promote the results from the APEnet project to the European Commission and foster relationships with current or existing similar projects,
  • To actively plan and work for the expansion of the network,
  • To secure financing sustainability for the maintenance of Archives Portal Europe after the end of the project.

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