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Home Dwar l-APEnet Workplan Workpackage 1

Workpackage 1

Definition of the logical model of the gateway

Workpackage leader: Bundesarchiv - Berlin - Germany


The logical model should define, categorise and describe all the logical components (data elements, users, contributing partners, maintenance) that must be considered in the gateway together with their interactions and relationships.

The logical model should provide a picture of how the gateway will work. Its outcomes should be linked to project activities and maintenance processes of the gateway.

The work on the logical model will further clarify the underlying rationale and the aims to be achieved with it.

The creation of the model will focus the discussions in the project group and will be useful for explaining its objectives and possible services to others as well as to monitor the advancement of the project.



The following document summarises the project deliverables of workpackage 1, providing an overview of the evaluation of archival standards to be used as well as the comparison of online presentations based on these standards, both leading to the definition of the logical model for the Archives Portal Europe. Furthermore a description of the WP1 testbed is included, that had been created to show the possible implementation of the logical model: APEnet_abstract_WP1.pdf.

Deliverable D1.2 included a definition of use cases to be expected for the use of the union finding aid as the central part of the future Archives Portal Europe. At that stage of the project eight use cases had been identified, a detailed description of which can be found in the following document: APEnet_use_cases.pdf.

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